Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hot Springs

We camped near Baumgartner, which is a campground with hot-springs. They even have a pool which is fed by the spring. So, don't go there in the afternoon heat, and expect a nice, refreshing, dip. It was too hot for me to stay in for very long. I just got too overheated.

Anyway, we went to the pool a few times. The kids really liked it.

Lydia was cute in her swimming suit. You could see all the rolls on her chubby legs!

And a close up.
Sittin' in the pool. Sorry about the blurry photos. I had turned the flash off of automatic, to off, and forgot to change it back before handing the camera over to my mom.

We went in the evening for the picture above, and early afternoon, I think, for the pics below. Can you notice a difference in the water cleanliness? They drained it every night.

One time, my sister really wanted to take her kids to the pool. But that made all the other cousins want to go too. But none of the other adults were up for it at that point. So, brave Stephanie agreed to take all 7 kids, aged 2-7.
The pool several miles from our camp. Stephanie only made it about 2 when her car got a flat tire. So she stopped and walked back to camp on the dusty road, in the heat, with all the tired and whiney children. We just thought they were having a good time at the pool! Oops.

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Stephanie said...

I had Anna, Matthias, Kaien, Emmy, and Morgan. Five. Five kids. But still. :)