Sunday, July 17, 2011


This has taken forever for me to post. I have so many things to blog, but little time to do it, and with irritable computers.

Anyway, we did a fun hike with everyone. Except party pooper Casey.
It was a lovely trail.
Walking sticks were a must for the kids. I MUST HAVE ONE!

The hike started with Lydia on my back in this baby carrier deal. Also, I want to draw attention to my french braid. I did it myself, and am half proud of it, and half embarrassed. So, I want to point out that it looks so bad because I did it myself, and with no mirror, but I also want to brag that I did it myself and with no mirror!
Anyway, Lydie thought the hike was so serene, that she just fell right asleep.
So, on the way down the mountain, I had to switch her to the front so that I could lean back to keep my balance, and because it was more comfortable for her.

Look at all the cameras.
There are almost too many grandkids for this to work.

There was a little stream to play in.

Anyway, there. I'm finally done with that post.

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Lora Dawn said...

Love your way of describing your braid...funny. And I think it looks great!