Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Around the campfire

Just some pictures around the campfire. This night was particularly cold. I think this was the night that got down to 30 degrees. (The lowest we checked.)

I was taking a picture, and Casey stuck his hand in front of me. The result is mighty strange. Looks like his hand is burning.
Mom, hiding in her camo.
Stephanie holding my Lydie.
And...getting her to sleep for me. Score!
I was there too.

The ever elusive Casey, caught on camera.Dad doing his own photographing.
S'more face.
Whew! That went better than could be expected. Upload speeds are awesome tonight! I could usually only do up to two pictures at at time, and that would take forever. But this time I could barely write a caption on one picture before the next set was uploaded. Nice! Makes me more motivated to blog more.
But later. It's almost 11:00, and I am SO SO tired. I have early work, and haven't been compensating my early mornings with early bedtimes, and it's really catching up with me.

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