Monday, July 25, 2011

In the tent

Here are some pictures in the tent. Morgan got SO dirty every day.
Lydia sometimes napped in the tent. I brought her playpen and had it in there.
I tried not to let her on the ground much at all while camping, except in the tent. She loved the brief moments of freedom. And she found entirely too many things to put in her mouth.
Morgan had his little bed in the corner, and was quite fond of it.

Morgan says some pretty awesome prayers. It's always a hoot to hear what he'll say. I'll tell you some of the prayers he said while camping.

The first night there, he was so so excited. In his prayer, he told Heavenly Father that we were camping, and he was so happy about it, then he suddenly said, "I like it in in heaven. Do you like it in heaven, Heavenly Father? Well? Do you? Yeah? Oh, okay."

Another day he said "Please help me not to touch any pokey plants and die."

Another time he said, "Please help me not to listen to the bad guys."

It seems like there were more while camping, but that is all I remember right not.

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