Sunday, July 10, 2011

Camping Queen

Camping with Lydia was it's own unique challenge. She is at the stage where she loves to explore and crawl around. She loves to inspect everything with her hands and mouth. She doesn't want to be held all the time, and she gets tired of her stroller real fast.
Still, I usually managed to keep her off the ground.
Sometimes with table-tops.

(By the way Chris, I hope you don't mind that I let Lydia mouth your water-bottle lid.)
There was the occasional time where I allowed Lydie to sit in the dirt. There was the even frequent time where my mom allowed it. :)
During those times, she found the pine needles, sticks, rocks, bark, and weeds, too much to resist. I guess she figured they must all be delicious. I could barely take a picture of her in the dirt without having to stop and intercept the pine needle headed for her mouth. Or when I was too late, I'd pause my photography so I could remove the bark from her mouth.
Love her.

Right after I took these pictures, I found a HUGE ant tucked snuggly behind her ear. This was not a good year for bugs. There were many. A lot of gigantic, sometimes flying, ants. Spiders galore. Icky.

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Quaero Veritas said...

Of course I don't mind. It is my sweet little Lydia.

Oh camping, I already miss you heaps.