Saturday, July 2, 2011

The start to our family campout

We had our annual Martin family campout. It was originally planned for Monday-Monday, but when Sunday came around, we packed up and left. You don't sleep as well while camping, and after a week of shorted hours, the kids were extra naughty, the parents had less patience, the prospect of being home in our warm beds, taking long showers, and letting kids get a good nights rest, was too tempting to put off for one more day.

Monday was a day of preparation. Packing, laundry, shopping, etc. My folks have a lot of camping gear, things to provide for ease and convenience while you are in the woods. It's great. But it takes a lot of time to gather and prepare. Dad has an trailer for hauling ATV's. It also hauls all the stuff. Mine included. If it weren't for them taking my stuff, I would have had to choose between tents and sleepings, or food and clothes.
So, preparations were taking a lot of time. It was probably around 5:30-6:00 p.m. that I left the house in my car, with my kids, and brother, Casey. We stopped at Cabella's for some ATV plate stickers, and Wendy's for dinner. Then we drove up past Anderson Ranch Reservoir, past Pine, past Featherville, and to Wilson Creek campground. There is a lovely spot there.
We arrived around 10:00. Lydia spent the last hour SCREAMING. I think the pressure changes in the mountains were really hurting her ears.
Chris and his family were already up there, tent up, kids in bed.
I brought my tent, and my parents' tent, so they could be all set up and ready by the time my mom and dad arrived. We set up tents.
I put Morgan to bed, (in his regular clothes) in my brothers' suburban. Lydia had a diaper emergency, so we borrowed clothes from my 2 year old nephew for her to sleep in. I put her to bed in her carseat, in the car.
Chris and Christine went to bed.
Casey and I took to my car. We waited for my folks to arrive. We had a call from them around 9:00, saying they were just leaving.
Casey and I played a game. Lets each guess the time we think they will pull in. The closest wins. I won. I guessed 12:21. They arrived at 2:45.
During our wait, Casey and I tried to sleep in the bucket seats in the car. It was cold. Casey didn't even have his jacket; it was in the trailer. It was uncomfortable. For awhile Casey couldn't even recline his chair because Lydia's seat was behind it. (I eventually moved it for him.)
Morgan was cold and cried out to me. He had a couple little blankets, but it wasn't enough.
If they didn't have all our clothes and blankets and sleeping bags, my parents probably wouldn't have gone up until the morning. As it was, they didn't leave till around 11:30. (That's my dad!) *wink*
When they arrived, they probably weren't greeted with a hero's welcome. Maybe more of an incredulous, grumpy, attitude. But they brought cots, air mattresses, sleeping bags, and blankets.
We slept till 9:00 the next morning. That is unheard of while camping. We even all took naps that day.

More to come. The remaining posts will include pictures.

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