Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Our last day of camping, Christine and I took the kids for a little walk to the river. On the way there, we saw a little tiny pond where spring run off had gathered. And where frogs had gathered. There were kind of a ton of them!
Christine caught one.
The kids were fascinated by it.
They all took turns holding it. First Emmy.
Then Morgan.
Then Kaien.
And kind of Ammon.
We made our way on to the river where we crossed the bridge. What is more fun to little kids than throwing things into river water from a bridge?

I remembered one more of the funny prayers that Morgan said. This one is a longer anecdote.
One night, I had Lydia asleep earlier than usual, and Morgan awake later than usual. I put Lydia in her little playpen bed, swaddled in multiple blankets, with another one or two thrown on top. (It got cold!)
It was full dark when I took Morgan in there to get him to bed. I turned my back to him for thirty seconds while I arranged his bed, and when I turned back around, Morgan was IN the playpen, standing ON TOP OF Lydia! Needless to say, I yanked him out of there in a hurry, and whisper scolded him. "What were you doing?!" "Why would you stand on your baby sister?" "That is NOT okay!" And such. I was not happy with him. But Morgan did a classic Morgan thing to do, and kind of shrugged it off, like it was no big deal, and I was blowing things out of proportion. Seriously. You should see the expression this four year old makes to communicate these things. He was very nonchalant about the whole affair.
So it's a good thing I get to see into his precious heart when he prays. Otherwise I would never have known.
"Heavenly Father, I'm sorry I stepped on Lydia. I didn't know she was there. That was very bad. Help me not to stand on Lydia anymore."
Ah. All is forgiven. I didn't know he didn't know she was there. He didn't bother telling me. He also didn't tell me he was sorry. *sigh*
Oh, and, good news. Apparently, being swaddled in three blankets, with another one or two thrown on top, not only protects you from the cold, but also from the weight of busy pre-schoolers. Lydia didn't even wake up! Amazing.

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