Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Crib!

Lydia finally has a crib. When I realized that, even with the job I had, I couldn't move out of my parents' house, I decided to more fully move in. I don't know how long I'll be here, I am not resigning to a fate of living here forever, by any means, but I needed to do what I could to bring us more happiness here. And as crazy as it sounds, setting up Lydia's crib was part of that. Before, she was just in a play-pen thing in my room. Now she is in her crib in Morgan's alcove. Surprisingly, the first night of the switch, Lydia slept through the night, which was unusual. And since then, she rarely wakes up at night. 

See how happy it's made her?
Like the things in the background? That's what happens when you move in to an already lived-in house. Hanging dragon-kite, and an ancient growth chart.

My job has ended. Well, I could have worked longer, but my babysitter is about to have a baby, so my job ended. I'm fine with it. I figure, for the time being, if I can't move out, I might as well stay home with my kids. The three days I haven't worked have been great! We get to spend time together that isn't rushed with weekend errands, and isn't poisoned with end-of-the-workday grumps.


The Wilson Family said...

I hope lots of happiness continues to come to you and your family. Any new books on the way? still need that autograph. love ya Mel!

Smullin Family said...

Hard decision, but sounds like you've made a good choice for now. Sounds like Lydia likes her new "permanent" situation too. :)