Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lydie's Words

I thought I should list Lydia's words. She can say Mama, of course, and Grandma and Grandpa, but they sound more like, Maa-ma, and Oppa. I'm pretty sure she says Morgan. When I call for Morgan, she'll repeat me and call, "Aaaa-waaaa!" Doesn't sound a think like Morgan, but it happens at all the right times.
Lydia frequently says thank-you. Or, "Day-do." Sometimes she'll shorten it to just, "Day." She says Ba-ba, for bottle. And be-be for baby. She is starting to like her baby dolls, so she uses it talking about them, and she has a favorite book that has pictures of babies, and asks for it by name.
The last word that I know about for sure, is, "tat." Cat. 
I had to add a picture. I thought she looked so feminine and prim here. Even though she isn't wearing obviously girl-type clothes.


The Wilson Family said...

love the picture. What a doll! keep the updates coming!

Chrissy said...

She's so cute!

Smullin Family said...

What a sweet little smarty!