Saturday, October 29, 2011

Morgan's "fake" birthday

Morgan got to celebrate his birthday twice. He turned five on the 25th, a Tuesday, but he got to have a Nelson family birthday party on Sunday. He refers to the Sunday party as his "fake" birthday.
Aaron and I decided to go in together to get him his first bike, so I was invited for the festivities. 
One of the only things that Morgan asked for for his birthday was angry birds. Specifically, the blue one, and a pig. So he got them.
 Then he got a little water bottle to attach to his bike. He thought it was a sippy cup. :)
 He liked his helmet when he unwrapped it, and said he'd wear it when he rode his tricycle around.
 After that, he had another present, but we said we'd go outside first to count cars or something. The bike was waiting on the porch. The plan probably would have worked very well, had Morgan not seen the bike through the office window previously. Before unwrapping any presents, Morgan saw the bike, announced that someone had left their bike on the porch, and accepted our false story of, "Well, maybe they parked the bike here and then went to play at the high school." I'm sure that threw him off, for when we went outside, he saw the bike, touched it, and spent time looking for his next present. It was funny how long it took him to figure out that the bike was indeed his, especially with all the hints he was getting. When he finally got it, he was very excited.

 The bike is pretty big for him, and he can barely reach the pedals when they are on the bottom. Also, the training wheels don't work well with the size, so the bike tips frequently.
Morgan usually rides while looking at his feet.

 Lydia got to chill out with the ladies. And the leaves.
 I've practiced a few times with Morgan, and he's getting a lot better. He's faster, more confident, has the momentum of pedaling down, and enjoys it. And even when the bike falls and I don't catch it in time, (oops!) he just hops up, says, "I'm okay!" and gets back on. That's my boy.

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Lora Dawn said... vistas for a boy with wheels!