Thursday, November 3, 2011

Morgan's "Real" Birthday

 On Morgan's actual birthday, he got to have his birthday party at Jumpin' Jungle. We'd been planning to do that for months and months. I didn't want to pay the price to rent the party room, so I just paid admission for the Morgan and his cousins. And we lucked out! His birthday fell on a Tuesday, and for the whole time we were there, nobody else came. It was awesome! We had the entire place to ourselves. If you want a good time to go to Jumpin' Jungle, try Tuesday afternoon.

Lydia loves balls, way more than Morgan ever did. I think she might be a tomboy. She wanted to chase and throw the balls, or ride in the cars.
 Here's Kaien playing baseball.
 Ammon in a car.
 Pretty girls, Emmy and Anna.
 I played the gladiator thing with my brothers. I'd like to think I won...
 I caught this perfect shot of Christine helping Chris helping Ammon. Ha!

 Mom even got in on the action.
 The two littlest. (Until this past Tuesday that is. Christine had her baby!)
 Morgan and Emmy, the two cousins closest in age.
 We did presents after over an hour of playing. All the kids were sweaty and red.
Morgan got an outfit from Grandma. He was preparing to be grumpy about getting clothes, but after a few warning words and looks from me, he changed his tune.
 Some hotwheels from Chris's family. You can never go wrong getting those for Morgan.
Since we couldn't have cake at Jumpin' Jungle without renting a room, we went back to the house for dinner and dessert. Morgan wanted spaghetti and meatballs, and garlic bread.

 Here is the cake we created. I haven't forgotten the Fondant Fiasco of 2011, so we're going to stick to simple cakes from now on.
 He got them all out in one blow. Happy birthday, Morgan!

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