Monday, November 21, 2011

Playing outside

It's about time I post again!
I have some pretty cute photos. See?
The kids still like to play outside, even when it's cold. See Lydia's coat? That was an Other Mother's purchase for under $10. I love that place.

Morgan's been getting braver. Here we have the ancient and tipsy swing set. Note the 2x4 propping it up. 

 And here we have evidence of Morgan's increasing boyness.

And a shot from underneath.

Lydia doesn't like to be left out of anything fun. She kept trying to climb the slide, but didn't get very far.

We didn't stay out very long, much to Lydie's chagrin. She is very vocal about her grievances, so the neighbors probably knew she wasn't getting her way when we went inside.

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Chrissy said...

Such cute kids! I would probably have a heart attack if Kenzie was climbing on the bars like that though...Adorable pics.