Saturday, November 26, 2011

How we exercise

This is how we exercise over here.  I lay down to do some crunches, and Lydia jumps aboard. That's okay, I enjoy the extra challenge, and the adorable face I see every rep.

 What I don't love, is when she tries to climb on me when I'm doing the plank. I try hold the plank position for a minute, (kind of like a man push-up, but I rest my weight on my forearms) which is really hard for me already, but when I have the added 24 lbs of Lydia, it's nigh impossible.

Sometimes I like to do some leg workouts like shown below. Morgan gets to participate with that too. It's fun for the kids, and muscle strengthening for me. 
By the way, Morgan was my photographer for these pictures. He tends to hold his hand right over the flash, so the pictures turn out a little funny, but he does a pretty good job.

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