Sunday, November 6, 2011

3rd Halloween

The real Halloween, we went Trick-or-Treating. We had a recommended neighborhood to go to, so we did. First Morgan and Lydia stopped at their Nelson Grandparent's house, and not only did they
get candy, but also some presents! 
We met Chris and Christine and their family in the neighborhood, and took the kids around. It was fun. Lydia was in the stroller, and soon wanted to eat all the candy she was getting. After awhile, I pacified her with a bottle of apple juice, which she drank for the remainder of the time. When I took her out of the stroller to put her in the car, I realized that she was absolutely SOAKED. Her diaper was very full. So we did a carseat diaper change. Her poor little legs were so cold. But she was happy and smiling, and not a complaint from her.

The most exciting thing though, was that Christine was in labor during the trick-or-treating. They were timing contractions while we collected candy. Christine had her baby the next morning, and they named him Ezra Taylor Martin. Love the name, love the baby.

Anyway, I took pictures after we went out, but here is my knight in shining armor.

 Love this.

 And my sweet lioness.


Stephanie said...

that last one of Lydia is sooooo cute.

Mormon Market said...

What cute kids! Congrats on having such a beautiful family.