Tuesday, November 22, 2011


 Lydia has really started liking dolls and stuffed animals. She hugs them and cuddles them, and carries them around, and it's very adorable. Lydia owns three dolls. One, Morgan gave her when she was brought home from the hospital. That doll is soft all over, and has a button that lights up and plays music. The second doll was from her great grandparents. It isn't very big, has two braids, and eyes that open and close. The third doll Lydia got from her cousin Anna, when she turned one. The doll had been loved and used for a few years, I think, and when Lydia inherited it, it was scuffed and naked.
The third doll is Lydia's very very favorite.

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Stephanie said...

haha that is so funny! Anna will be happy to know that I was wrong about her gift. I told her maybe it wasn't nice to give smoething that wasn't new but I guess kids don't really care.