Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving at our house was celebrated on Wednesday, since it was our off year. My brother and his wife celebrated with her family this year, and my kids and my sister's kids were with their dads this year. So Wednesday it was.
The family all arrived in the morning, and the playing and noise commenced.
New baby Ezra came, and Lydia got to hold him. She LOVED holding him, and cried when her turn was over.

We had a busy morning. Well, some of us did. I helped in the kitchen with the ladies.

Chris got the good job.

The kids ran around playing and making big messes and big noises.

Casey hid.

Dad napped. On accident.

Who knows what Cameron did.

As it got later, fingers started finding things to munch on while we waited for the turkey. Morgan got caught with a roll.
Dinner was nice. Strangely, I think my favorite dish this year was the fresh green beans.

We played a couple games, chatted, sang, and had a good time.

The next day, Thanksgiving for real, I went to play football with an LDS mid-singles group. There were kind of too many people playing, since another group at the park was invited to face-off against us. Not as fun as it could have been. And I did get shoved to the ground rather roughly by a man on the other team. I didn't even have the ball. I wasn't even near the ball. I guess I just got too close to him or something. Sheesh. Oh well. I met some people, so I don't regret going.

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