Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My little hooligan

Some of Lydia's favorite things to do:

Dig everything out of my purse, or the diaper bag.

And isn't that dress adorable? Once again, Other Mother's. And don't worry, the sweat pants don't go to church with her.

She also loves to play peek-a-boo.
Where is Lydia?


HAHA! Don't you love those faces? I crack up every time I see these pictures. She makes silly faces like this all the time, I'm just glad I caught it on camera.

One other thing Lydia loves to do is steal. She is a serious stinker. Morgan will be playing with some cars, Lydia will approach, cautiously, and when she is close, she snags a car with her lightning quick grabbers and then run away. It's not as though she wants to play with the cars, she just wants to be a meanie. It's still kind of funny now, but it won't be for long. Morgan is usually a good sport about it as he chases her to retrieve her toy, and she puts on her defensive screams.

Lydia is my crazy kid. Morgan wasn't so wild, so impatient, so loud, so adventurous, so I get to learn a different set of parenting skills. Boy do we love our Lydia.


Mormon Market said...

So cute! Mormon Market wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving, and we are grateful for such positive, incredible bloggers like you! :)

tmataitusi said...

What's really fun is when she's digging in your purse at the grocery store while you are distracted and you look down to find her gumming a tampon - out of its package! Not that's I speak from experience, or anything ...