Tuesday, January 22, 2008


What's that, you say? Well, Koogatoo is the website that my incredibly talented husband has created. It's how we're going to get rich enough so that he can quit his job and just run a website for a living, spending the rest of his time with his family. :) In the meantime, we need to spread the word, so this is me doing a tiny bit. Go check out the site and enter the drawing to win the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3. We actually have them, and they are fun! So, www.koogatoo.com Review it. Own it.


SouthfieldFam said...

Is there a story behind the name of the website? It's fun to say!

Melanie said...

Aaron found a website that you entered as many words as you wanted into it, and then it would take letters from the words and rearrange them into something that could be a word. I think kangaroo was one of the words we entered for this result. We had a long list of possibilities that we liked, but we choose this as the winner. :)