Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Of Christmas and things

If we were the type to send out Christmas cards, this would be the photo we put on it. Morgan is such a ham for the camera.

This wasn't Morgan's first Christmas, but he was only 2 months when that one came.
Before Christmas we went to a family party. Santa came too. Let me tell you about it. We arrived late to the party, so Santa was almost done. Morgan slept the whole way there, so I woke him up when I took him out of the car
. We walk into the room with Santa and all the family, and groggy Morgan is still waking up. Before we really settle into our seats, Morgan's name is called. It is his turn to sit on Santa's lap. So I hand my baby over to a stranger and run back a few paces to get a photo. I knew I wouldn't have much time. Morgan looked around at all the strange people who were cheering him on and making faces at him, tried his best to ignore the hairy man whose lap he was on, and kept his tears at bay long enough for me to snap a picture. Not a moment too soon. Morgan started a very mournful cry and wasn't placated with the gift that Santa was offering. So I retrieved my overwhelmed child and tried to get him excited about his present, but he wouldn't take his eyes off the crowd of funny people. :)

Christmas morning, which was spent with the Nelson family, Morgan wandered around and played with everyones gifts as they were opened, and didn't seem all that interested in his own. But he had fun, and was well behaved.

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