Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cute Morgan

Recently Morgan has discovered the joys of wearing Mommies and Daddies shoes. He finds them and has to wear them. So far he is only successful with one at a time. He tends to get frustrated when they won't stay on him or something. It's quite funny.
Also, one day I put Morgan down for a nap. When I left the room he was crying a bit and had stood up so he was no longer covered up. When he'd stopped crying and I was sure that he was asleep, I went in to put a blanket on him, I found him cuddling with his teddy bear so had to get a picture. I even risked waking him up with the flash, for posterities sake, but he slept through it.


Chanel said...

Yay for posterities! Do more stuff for their sake!

Stephanie said...

That is soooo cute