Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow fun

Yay, snow is so magical when you are a kid. (Or when you are a childish adult). Very fun to play in. Morgan's experience with it has made him a believer. So today I took 3 very bundled children outside to play in the front yard: Morgan, and his cousins Anna and Mattie. (Notice their "mittens" in the picture are actually very girly Ked type socks.)

We played. Mattie took pleasure in throwing snowballs at the cat, Morgan wandered and stumbled around the yard, and Anna and I made a snow cat.

I was probably too involved in my own activity and didn't watch where Morgan wandered. I knew he had been playing by the garage, so when I couldn't see him I figured he went around to the side of the house. Sure enough, that's where I found him! Morgan found a big goopey mud puddle, and plopped right down in it to play.

I made a kind of groan, then ran back toward the door to get the camera. Anna heard the groan, saw me quickly going to the house, and she made a conclusion. I was running from a monster. Anna beat me inside, and when I told her we didn't have to go inside yet, she said, "Yes I do!" I was very confused when she started talking about a monster and I convinced her to go back outside to play.
I took the photos of Morgan's fun, then I dropped him in some deep snow and used it as best as I could to clean him off.
Anna kept talking about a monster by the fence. I finally convinced her that that wasn't why I groaned or went inside.
Morgan's dip in the wet, mud puddle soaked through two pair of pants, one which was insulated, the other jeans, his onsie and his diaper. Poor cold bum.


Deborah Austin said...

So cute, you have done a great Job! Well I finally updated ours hopefully it will get done on more of a regular basis.

Have a great day!

Stephanie said...

Anna is so awesome! Seems like Morgan was pretty oblivious to the cold. Remember when we were like that?

Anonymous said...

It looks great Melanie!