Thursday, March 6, 2008

Job update

Well, so far this whole being without a job thing has been lots less stressful than I would have imagined. Aaron spends at least 4 hours a day working on freelance projects (which pay more per hour than his other job) and they keep becoming available. Really, he hasn't had to look for work. People he knows keep calling him with projects and websites to do, so he is keeping busy and we still have money.
Also, my uncle told us about a job at the place that he works. The pay is EXCELLENT and the it is a government job, so the benefits are great. The downside is, it's in Utah. We would have to move. Another downside is that it's at Dugway. That is a military base in the middle of the desert. Dugway proving grounds. Aaron would have to get a very high clearance status to work there. Top secret stuff? But it's close to nothing. About an hour from Tooele and an hour from Lehi. Middle of nowhere. But because of that, he would receive an additional $3000 bonus every year for travel. This is almost too good to pass up, financially. But really we haven't looked for anything in the area. We don't need to make that much money, and would definitely rather to stay near family and not have to hassle with selling the house in today's market.
So there you go.


Bobbi said...

Decisions, decisions. :) Sounds like things are opening up for you and that is great.

Anonymous said...

Have Aaron email me his resume to and I can give it to Loren at the State, he thinks he knows of a job only open to state employees adn their family and friends.