Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have several things to blog about. I just need time to do it. I will hold off on most until I get some pictures uploaded.
Morgan has learned to say thank-you. It sounds more like tay-too. One day we had some lemon head candies that Morgan loved. I would give him one and tell him to say thank-you. Occasionally he did. Later on he would see the bag of candy and say "thank-you". I think I taught him that lemon heads were called thank-you. But we kept working with him on it and now he is a very polite boy and says thank-you when people give him things. It's adorable! He also says thank-you to ask for things. If he sees Aaron or I eating something that he wants he will hold out his hand and say "tay-too" over and over until he gets it. Ahh, we're learning.

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SouthfieldFam said...

Nothing better than a polite little boy! You're such a good Mama!