Friday, March 7, 2008

The me that can see!

Well, I finally got glasses! I haven't been able to see well for about 2 years now, but on Saturday I went in for an eye exam, got my prescription, choose my frames on Monday and got the glasses on Thursday. YAY!
I was told my vision was either 20/35 or 20/40. The lady didn't know exactly. All I know is that now when I take my glasses off I am appalled at how much I CAN'T see. Everything is fuzzy and undefined. It's like a miracle every time I put the glasses on. I can read street signs before I pass them, I can watch tv, Aaron doesn't have to read subtitles to me, I can see what the kitchen clock says when I am still in the living room. Ah, life is good.
When I first wore them, walking back to the car in the parking lot, everything seemed small. People were short, cars were short, and the ground was much closer, making me feel short. But I could see wrinkles on faces, read license plates and see the individual pebbles on the pavement, so I couldn't complain too loudly.
How could instantly improved vision not have been higher on my priority list?


SouthfieldFam said...

You look adorable in glasses! Isn't the difference weird? I have only had mine for about a year and I still remember thinking, "holy cow! I should have done forever ago!" You look great!

Smullin Family said...

Cute glasses! They look good on you. I understand about putting it off for so long, I did that myself. It IS so nice to be able to see!

Anonymous said...

You're looking good, Melanie. --mom Nelson

Melanie said...

And, Alisha, did you get my email?

Deborah Austin said...

You look great in those new glasses!! And I bet it is nice to see also:). I was sorry to hear about Aaron's Job but I am glad he had a bit of a back up that is nice. Well I hope all is well with you two houses down!


Alana said...

I love those glasses! They are cute and look great on you. I love my glasses too--being able to see is such a wonderful thing. I had to get glasses in 2nd grade and remember thinking "Oh yeah, trees have leaves" because I they all just looked fuzzy and blurry to me.