Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Before and After

Remember how Morgan scratched up my car? Well, I got some stuff to try to remove it. At least, make it less visible. So I got some before and after shots. Unfortunately, my car can be pretty shiny. It was really filthy when I did the before shots, but the after shots have the special buffing cream, and so the car was very reflective. Hard to see the scratch, easy to see what it reflects. (In the photo, that is.
So, here is the before on the drivers side, rear door.
And after.
The hood.

So, it helped, but it didn't fix it. The scratches remain, and they are visible.
Morgan and Lydia were outside with me. They are cute.

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Smullin Family said...

Depending on how deep the scratch is, Jason's detail shop may be able to buff it out for you.
If you're interested, come on down and see them. They'll give you a free estimate and if you talk to Jason directly, I'm sure he could probably give you a great deal. :)