Sunday, May 22, 2011


My children and I gravitate toward the night owl side of the spectrum. Getting up is not pleasant for us. Morgan does best with it, though.
Our church is at 9:00 a.m. To get there on time with myself presentable and two kids appropriately clothed and fed, plus with a bag full of tricks to entertain the babe, requires that I get up really early. (I realize that my definition of early, may even be the definition of late, for many people.) I kind of dread Sunday mornings.
If I let her, Lydia will sleep until 10:00 or so on any given morning. I can put off getting her up on Sunday until 8:00, but that is still two hours early. Before Sacrament Meeting is even over, Lydia is loud and cranky. She generally takes a short nap during the Sunday School hour, but is awake for the rest of church. When we get home, she is ready for a real nap.
And so am I.
Today I had just gotten Lydia asleep, and was upstairs, baby monitor on. Since I wasn't in bed until close to 1:00 a.m. (pretty normal) and since the morning was early, my body was protesting it's wakeful state.
Morgan fought and fought when I told him I wouldn't play cars with him, but would nap instead. To add insult to injury, Grandma also opted on napping rather than playing. Grandpa was already asleep. Morgan's complaint? "I just want somebody to play cars with me!"
I thought he got over it.
Just before I drifted off, I hear a very unwelcome sound coming from the baby monitor. My baby. But she was awake. NOOOOOOO!!! I wanted that nap so so bad. She was happy though. Then I heard another sound. My Morgan. He was also happy, but boy did his voice make me upset!
I went down to my room and confronted the situation. Morgan's defense for waking up his sleeping sister? "I wanted to play with somebody."
But I'm pretty stubborn, so I got my nap. It took awhile, but I coaxed Lydia back to sleep, and we both took a nap in my bed.

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The Wilson Family said...

oh motherhood. i wish i could take a nap. try 2:30 church. haven't made it all 3 hours all of May while we've been back. oy!