Thursday, May 26, 2011

The mind of a four year old

My computer is on the fritz, so I can't blog on it. So I can't blog about things with pictures. So I am using a different computer in the house to blog about things without pictures.

First, an anecdote.
I took Morgan and Lydia to Dairy Queen the other day. There was a little old lady in line behind us, who thought my children were adorable. (Because it's true.)
I sat with my kids on one side of the dining room, and she and her husband were on the other. That didn't stop her from making a couple trips to our table. Once, to kindly offer Morgan her maraschino cherry, (he refused it) and another time to show us a photo album of her grand-baby, whom she thought looked like Lydia, what with her blue eyes, bald head, and chubby cheeks. While at our table the the first time, I'd just sat down with Lydia in my arms, and was trying to replace the change from my order into my wallet. I had my change zipper open. I don't really know how it happened, but I want to partially blame it on Lydia. Anyway, the wallet tipped, and coins fell everywhere. The woman was quick to bend over to pick them up. Because she bent right in front of my bench, I couldn't reach down and help. But Morgan could, so I instructed him to get down and please help clean up the coins.
He said, "No, it's okay, that grandma is doing it."
Aaaaahh! That was the whole point, son.

Today I was playing with Morgan. He was pretending to be a doctor, and I his patient. By the way, Morgan says when he grows up, he is going to be a doctor, a monster truck driver, and a race car driver. Oh, and today he added a swimming lesson teacher to his future goals.
Moving along. I was the patient for Dr. Morgan. I decided to go to the doctor because I was sick. But Morgan told me that, no, I was there to have a baby. So I stuffed a doll up my shirt and went to see the doctor. I asked him to help me get my baby out of my tummy. Sage Dr. Morgan told me that the baby just had to pop out. You know, like babies do. They just pop right on out. Alright. So I laid on the couch and the baby popped out. Morgan bathed her, returned her to me, and then gave me a sticker and a lollipop for being so good. :)


happyme said...

Haha, that is super cute.

The Wilson Family said...

oh Morgan! buddy you keep your mama on your toes!