Monday, May 9, 2011

Swimming lessons end

Morgan graduated from swimming lessons. He did pretty good, and even got over his fear of putting his head under water. He loves doing it now, but refuses to plug his nose. What? I used to plug my nose anytime I got near water...
The last day of swimming lessons was "fun day". They got to do the slide and diving board. Morgan's kind of day. Morgan was one of two kids in the class that was brave enough to do them both without prodding, bribing, and chickening out.
He went down the slide twice.

The second time he lay on his back. I don't think it was on purpose, and I'm pretty sure the speed caught him off guard. Maybe even terrified him. Check out that face.

For the diving board, the kids had water noodles tied around their waists to aid in floating in the deep end; takes some pressure off their teacher who was probably tired from all the water treading he had to do.

Morgan was a little hesitant walking down the diving board, especially when it started bending. I think the teacher thought he'd have to work hard to get Morgan to jump, like some of the other kids, but no. He just took his time getting to the end. Once he was there, he didn't hesitate at all before jumping in.

With the noodle tied around him, Morgan was able to swim to the side by himself.
Way to go, Morgan!


Watterson said...

So fun! i Loved swimming lessons. Maybe next year i can get my boy started.

Stephanie said...

Great shot of Morgan flying through the air!