Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

Let me tell you about my Mother's Day.
First of all, Morgan keeps careful tabs on holidays and events. Each time a holiday arrives, he asks which one is next, and then what? Then what? After that? He asks until we come full circle. On Easter he asked about all the upcoming holidays until we got back to Easter.
So he knew Mother's Day was coming.
My little four-year-old boy is astoundingly thoughtful. I've heard him approach my mom and have whispered conversations about surprising mommy on Mother's Day. Coincidentally my birthday is in another week or so. Morgan has also whispered to Grandma about that.
Anyway, on Saturday when I got up, Morgan had been up with grandma for awhile all ready. They were both acting mighty guilty. Morgan told me I couldn't go into grandma's bathroom. He also was so excited for the next morning.
Sunday morning came, and with it, precious gifts. My mom kindly got a couple mugs for my kids to paint, then helped them do it. (Which explained the blue paint in Lydia's fingernails.) Actually, Morgan painted his all by himself, and did an awesome job.
I heart snapdragon Mom.

He told me that the flower was a snapdragon, with one eye, one nose, and a mouth.
At church they gave all the ladies some flowers. Guess what I got? Yellow snapdragons.

Here is the mug from Lydia. So cute.

I also got a card. You know the cards that you open and music plays? Do you also know about the cards that you can record your voice on, so when they open, that plays? This was a mixture of both. Morgan got to sing along with "You Make Me Want to Shout." I laughed so hard I cried. I love it! Check it out.

It was a great Mother's Day. Thanks Mom, for helping my children make it special for me!

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Lora Dawn said...

Precious all around.
You deserve a load of pampering!