Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dying Easter Eggs

Yesterday I boiled 6 eggs for our little family to color. Incidentally there were also six colors of dye. They were barely used, but each one did some egg time.
Morgan and I got the table all ready with the supplies and mixed the dye tablets with vinegar and water.

Here's Morgan mixing the ingredients. (And looking a little stoned.)

Then it was time to color them. Aaron joined us. He informed me that this was his very first time dying Easter eggs. Ever. Wha?! It makes you think he's not American, or had a poor deprived childhood. I thought it was supposed to be a part of every American families tradition. Morgan and I have done the coloring before, but Aaron never wanted to join us. So, here is Aaron experiencing this Easter tradition for the very first time.

I used the trick of writing on the egg with a white crayon before dumping it in the dye. It worked well, but it showed that I couldn't really see what I was drawing very well.

Morgan dies one of his eggs yellow.

When Morgan's were all colorful he added stickers to his. Lots of them.

And here's the finished product. We all had different ways of doing it. Morgan's are all stickered up, Aaron's are multi-colored, and mine have the white crayon on them. Aaron let Morgan stickerify one of his eggs as well.

So, this means we will have potatoe salad sometime very soon.

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