Monday, April 12, 2010

Off to the races!

The other day in the car, just out of the blue, Morgan said, "The racetrack is my life!" And that pretty much sums up our boy. He loves cars and racing and everything in between. He has way too many toy cars, and loves them all and gives them lots of playing time. He loves watching Cars or any other movie that features an automobile.
For this reason, when Aaron saw that there was going to be a somewhat cheap race at the racetracks in Grantsville, he made plans to attend with Morgan.
The racers were rich guys who own Ferrari's. It's kind of funny, really. A wealthy man buys a Ferrari, then turns it over to the race people to take care of it and transport it and repair it and wash it, you know, the works. Then, when it's time for a race, the rich man flies out to wherever the race is held, drives his fancy car around the track, turns the car over to the car people again, and flies home.
So, the race was $11 for adults and free for three year olds. I stayed home and let the boys have some quality time together, also having the idea that the money we weren't spending on my ticket could go toward a souvenir or something for Morgan.
But I sent Aaron with the camera with instructions to take lots of pictures. He did a good job.

I assume this is Morgan walking toward the race, all excited to see the cars.

They found a nice close spot in the grass to watch the race.

But then they decided to move up higher in the bleachers to see more of the track.

When one race ended they had time to look at the Ferrari's that raced as well as at a cool car museum. And I think Ferrari's for sale.

Here's Morgan with the winning Ferrari.

Here he is with a different one that raced.

After looking at the cars, they went back to the bleachers to watch a second round of races. There was something different about the Ferrari's in this race. I don't know exactly what, but it made them LOUD. Apparently Morgan wasn't at all interested in watching the loud cars. He sat huddled with his hat pulled over his face and his ears covered.

A man saw Morgan's discomfort and gave him some ear plugs, (which Morgan excitedly showed me when he got home) but that wasn't good enough. Morgan just wasn't having it, so Aaron took him to the car and they left.

They did stop in a little tent gift shop thing, but the small toy cars were $35 each. So Aaron took him to Wal-Mart and found a racing Ferrari HotWheels car for Morgan for two and a half bucks. Much better.

When we'd ask him about the race and what he liked he made sure we knew he liked the cars that weren't loud. But he had a ton of fun, and Aaron enjoyed it too.


Smullin Family said...

We've gone to the Meridian Speedway a few times and the kids have really enjoyed it. It's not too pricey... and we've even gotten in for FREE. If you guys are planning on coming this way during the summer, you may want to check it out.

Kevin said...

I had to Google Grantsville to find out where it is.

What a great FatherSon date. So race cars are his life. When I was a kid dinosaurs were my life.

Tiffany Vincent said...

Sounds like a perfect day in the life of Morgan!