Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Morning

Coincidentally, Easter fell on the same Sunday as General Conference, which was great because it meant that we didn't have to wake up early and get ready for church. We could just take our time and enjoy seeing what the Easter Bunny brought.
It went like this. I was still in bed, but not sleeping when I heard Morgan's bedroom door open from across the hall. Pause. Then, "The Easter Bunny came! There's candy! The Easter Bunny came!" Right at his door was the candy trail that led all the way to his Easter basket in the living room.
Aaron and I got up to watch him follow the trail. He immediately noticed Sally in his basket, something he had just been sure the Easter Bunny would bring him.
So, Morgan was so spoiled this year that his basket didn't really have enough room for all the candy plus the toys and games. (He got a memory game and a travel sized Hungry Hungry Hippo's. And a cheap little sailboat for the bath.) Instead of putting the candy filled eggs in his basket we hid them around the living room. It's more fun that way anyway.

He found an egg. Don't mind all the boxes and stuff. Since we thought we were moving we had most of the house boxed up. And since we might still be moving, (though keeping the same job) we haven't unpacked all of it.
When Morgan found all of his eggs, his basket was quite full. But hey, keep in mind, the whole bottom half is filled with paper grass, so it's not ALL candy.

From this I learned that Morgan is not a fan of peeps. Neither are Aaron and I. So...they all got rock hard and today I finally threw them away.

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