Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

When we went to visit the Grandparents last weekend we thought it would be fun to have an Easter egg hunt for Morgan in their backyard. So we brought all the candy filled eggs, and when Morgan was distracted inside with his Great Grandparents, Aaron and I snuck to the backyard and filled it with eggs.

After lunch we all headed outside for the hunt. Morgan was all ready.
He was so excited. Especially when he saw eggs scattered around. He immediately went about collecting them. There was no rush, since he had no competition.

This egg was carefully balanced over the umbrella hole in the patio table. But Morgan could barely reach it and ended up nudging which sent it down the hole.

But it was more accessible there!

There were about 35 or so eggs for one little boy. Talk about spoiled. However, he had a lot of help eating the jelly beans and M&M's inside of them.

We think he found all the eggs. If not, his grandparents may find a tasty treat next time they're in the yard.

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A.Lee said...

I love Easter Egg hunts that aren't full of other ravenous, pushy children (I'm a fan of small hunts). Looks like he had a blast. And I can't believe how big he is!