Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Flood

Three days or so ago we were enjoying a quiet evening at home. I had dinner in the oven and was in and out of the kitchen preparing for that while Aaron was taking care of some business. :) When I wasn't in the kitchen I was wathing America's Funniest Video's with Morgan in the living room. I vaguely noted the sound of water and assumed it was the dishwasher, which was running.
It wasn't.
Aaron came out of our bedroom and splashed his way down the hall, which was under and inch of water. Uh-oh. I kick myself for not paying better attention.
I can't actually see the water in the picture, but maybe you can. Anyway, It completely covered the hall, the bathroom, Morgan's bedroom, and our spare bedroom. Our spare is doubling as an office for Aaron for when he works from home. Also, it was crammed full of boxes and other miscellanous items that have no other home. The picture was taken after we removed about 5-6 big boxes.
When I say completely covered, I mean the whole room. This wood floor would easily warp when wet, so we had to get it taken care of stat. There was no way we had enough towels to soak it all up, so we called maintenance. It's after hours, so it took awhile to get a hold of somebody, but eventually they sent out a guy with a wet vac. Then we cleaned up for 2 1/2 hours.
Morgan likes to read at nap time, and when he takes a book out of his book shelf, do you think he puts it back? Of course not. It goes on the floor. And since I'm not a very good housekeeper, they usually stay there for a few days before we clean them up. Morgan had many books piled up on the floor, and many of them were damaged quite a bit.
These are the ones that are worst off. And, of course, they would have to be some of our very favorites.

Actually, Little Mouse's Rescue is probably my least favorite of all Morgan's books, so that's not a big loss.

So, what caused this flood? That remains undetermined. We know the toilet in the hallway bathroom was the culprit, but we don't know why. This toilet is retarded though, it will run forever and ever if you don't adjust the handle just right after flushing. It's been like that since we moved in though and has never flooded. Morgan has never really played in the toilet like many toddlers do. As far as I know, he's never flushed anything that wasn't supposed to be flushed.
Oh, and after the water in the toilet went down, it started working just fine. Aaron did some precautionary plunging and that may have helped. Who knows?

Last night, two days after the incident, I used that bathroom. I flushed, and the water went up instead of down. Since when does pee clog a toilet?! Luckily I caught it immediately and we were able to stop it before any water left the bathroom. But still! I guess we'll have to call a plumber.

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Sara said...

Oh no! That's a lot of water to be coming from a toilet!!! Did anyone come to fix it?