Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photo Shoot

I thought Morgan looked so cute yesterday that I had to take a picture. He looks just like Aaron here.
But one just wasn't enough.

I know his face looks messy, but I don't know why! I cleaned it spic and span before taking pictures.

He really started getting into the whole photo shoot thing and started striking poses.

Then he threw out a gang sign. What? Don't know where that came from.

The pouty look.

Check out those knees and legs. His poor dry skin.


Anonymous said...

What a cute little poser.

Chrissy said...

So cute! He's got so much personality. I love it! :)

Sara said...

Gotta love a little boy in plaid shorts. I had to get Mason a few pair! And I can totally see you in Morgan too.

SouthfieldFam said...

I LOVE his shorts! Plaid is my favorite part of spring and summer! He is such a handsome little man!

keith and arianne said...

He always does the cutest poses, how fun!