Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Feeding ducks

Believe it or not, Morgan reached the age of 3 1/2 before he ever had the experience of feeding ducks. It was high time we introduced him to it's joys.
Last weekend we went to Springville to visit Aaron's grandparents. Near their home is a little river and pond that is often filled with ducks and geese. So, upon leaving their home we took a few pieces of bread with us and stopped to feed the fowl.
There were a lot of other people there with the same idea, so the ducks were perhaps not as hungry as they could have been. But we attracted a little gathering and threw the bread chunks in the water.

Morgan made me a bit nervous though. He would go right to the very edge of the water and then launch the bread crumb in, which put him off balance. I was just sure he was going to launch himself in sometimes. I kept pulling him farther from the edge.
One of the other families brought a very excited little dog with them. And they didn't have a leash. You know what? I'll just say it. I'm not a dog person. I especially dislike the little dogs. I especially dislike the little dogs that run up to my little boy and make him all nervous so that he has to back away from it in fright right up to the very edge of the water. If I didn't intervene I am sure that Morgan would have ended up swimming with the ducks because the dumb dog kept pushing him back.

Anyway...all in all the feeding duck experience was a good one and I'm sure Morgan would like to repeat it.

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A.Lee said...

Don't get me started on UNLEASHED dogs! I am not a dog person either, and they always seem to jump up on my kids and make them cry, all the while the owner says, "Don't worry, Killer is a nice dog. He's never bit anyone, well other than the mailman and my mother in law..." I used to feed the ducks on a weekly basis as a kid. I bet he loved it.