Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing Chess

Even though I visited family for close to a month, I managed only to take about 6 pictures. All in one sitting. These are they.

Morgan and his cousins Kaien and Emmy played chess in their own little way.

Then made funny faces for the camera.

Here we have the youngest of the cousins, baby Ammon.

When Morgan first met him, he had little interest. When Morgan second met him he still had little interest. But this time around Morgan loved Ammon. He would get close to his face and talk baby talk to him and ask him questions. I do think Morgan expected responses. He loved to pat him and play with him. It was very cute.

Funny alert. I just now asked Morgan, "Do you like Ammon?" His response, "Yeah! And I like Emmy and Kaien. And Kaien scares me too."

Side note: Morgan has since had a haircut. Phew!

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