Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Will we stay or will we go now?

Crazy past month and a half. In the beginning of February my husband was called into a meeting at work where they told him that the government had cut the funding for his job. He had about two more weeks of work before he would be out of a job. So, naturally, the job hunt commenced. He had many interviews and was almost promised a job in Ogden, but because of a tiff the temp agency had with the company that wanted him, they weren't able to hire Aaron.
Then came Ancestry.com. Aaron had first, second and third interviews with them, and it was clear he was the favorite. An impending offer was sure. So we went searching for a place to live in Provo/Orem. Meanwhile, the house had been mostly packed.
Also meanwhile, the army post 0ut here was really missing having their web developer. They didn't have anyone to step in and take on any of Aaron's old responsibilities. But they didn't have enough to fund a full-time employee. However, the contracting company Aaron had been working for, Woodbury, decided they could also use a part time web type person for their own company. So they proposed to Aaron that he work half the time in Dugway and half the time for Woodbury in Layton, which would equal out to full time work. However, he would be able to tele-commute to Layton for a lot of it.
The offer from ancestry.com didn't come in as quickly as we had expected, and the house that we had picked out for ourselves was rented out. We did not expect it would be so hard to find a nice place to live close to the office in Provo and within our budget, but there is precious little to choose from. So yesterday we were stressing about that and looking all over ksl and craigslist for rentals and were much discouraged.
But it's all come to naught. It looks like the offer they are going to give Aaron is much lower than anticipated. It will be about $15K less a year than Woodbury is offering, so, well, we are staying. I had been looking forward to living somewhere else, but at least Aaron has a job again.
So now I have a house to unpack, which is ironic since we never went anywhere. What a waste!
A side note to this, Aaron got his "last" paycheck, which included all the money for his accumulated over-time. But now I just wish he still had that over-time because back in December we booked and paid for a Caribbean cruise for May. He will accumulate more by then, but it won't be enough. Oh well.
So that is just some of what has been happening with us in the last little while.


Martha said...

Sorry to hear about your roller coaster. Hang in there. :)

Kevin said...

Well, it's good to have a decision. And just to mix it up, since you have to unpack anyway, why not go crazy and arrange the furniture differently so it feels like a new house?

Plus, you're still across the street from the rec center. That's pretty sweet.

HappyClimate said...

geeZ! What A Pain! You poor girl. At least he has a job though. I hope you are at least somewhat happy that you don't have to move stuff out of the house. By the way, I made my blog private, I think I invited you right? Let me know if I need to still.