Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Morgan

Because I don't have a specific place to write down funny things Morgan says yet, I will put them up here again. Eventually I plan to get a little notebook deal and write them all in there, but they have to be somewhere else first. And this is it.

These are just from today.

I was playing a hymn on the piano, (We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet) and I hear Morgan excitedly say, "That's the brand-new baby song!" I chuckled and relayed the message to Aaron, and added, "That's kinda weird." Then Morgan pipes up from down the hall, "It's kinda not weird!"

Morgan found an oven mitt in the kitchen and tried it on, to his great delight. Then he said, "I'm just like Mommy!" I'm glad that's the light he sees me in...

Lately I've been trying to prompt Morgan to come up with things in his prayers that he is thankful for without my help. He's been doing pretty good. Last night he said, "I'm thankful for volleyball." That's my boy!

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