Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Wreath

First of all, hey look at me! A post three days in a row! That used to be normal...

Today I got on a preschool website to print a page of the letter D for Morgan to trace. While there I noticed a tab that said Easter. I checked it out, and looked at all of the Easter craft ideas and instructions that they had. I chose a craft that was cute and which we had the materials for, printed a template and we got to work.

Morgan colored the picture and I cut it out. While I did, Morgan had some paper scraps which he was happily cutting to shreds. We are barely figuring out to even hold them, so straight cut scraps is all he could handle.

He glued pieces of the rabbit together, (he's great with a glue stick) and I cut out strips of construction paper.
It's like he's sayin', "What, it's just glue. Give me a break."

Then we had a little two-person assembly line going. Morgan glued the end of a strip of paper and I curled it into a loop. When we had all our loops Morgan and I glued them to our previously cut ring of cardboard.

And we have our finished product. Kinda cute. Kind of fragile. The paper doesn't like to stay on.

We hung it on the door for everyone to see.


A*Waite said...

What a cute wreath, and what a cute kid!!

Nancy said...

cute! We just might have to make one!

Smullin Family said...

Nice job! Looks like a lot of fun.

HappyClimate said...

He looks so adorable with it around his face! I hope that you have a fun easter, I am looking forward to it.

A.Lee said...

That is such a cute idea!racksp