Sunday, March 7, 2010

Does Spiderman have spider hands?

If you are my facebook friend, you might have already seen some, (or all) of these funny things from Morgan. But I want them documented better. So, without further ado, I give you the comic soundings of Morgan!

A week or so ago I was going to be leaving Morgan for a weekend. His grandparents and uncles were going to watch him. I was telling Morgan to be good and listen to his uncles while they babysat him. And he said, "And kick them in church?" What? How did you get that out of listen to them!

Morgan named his and Grandma Martin's hands. Grandma's spider hands are named Grandma and Mommy, and his spider hands are named Grandpa and Morgan. It sure did confuse me for awhile when I kept hearing him call Grandma, "Mommy". Oh, and apparently hands turn into spiders if you cage them.

Morgan said to my brother Cameron, "I don't laaaaak, I don't laaaa, I don't laaaak, I don't like Macaroni salad." He had the hardest time getting "like" right.

Somehow Morgan got it in his head that his *ahem* is called a tutu. That's just what he calls them. Where did he pick that up? Not just his, but everyone's.

The other day I was helping Morgan say his prayer. I told him to say he was thankful for his family, which he did, but he continued with it by saying, "And spiderman and superman, they're my family too."


Chrissy said...

Kids are so funny! It's amazing the crazy things they come up with. I'm glad you are documenting them though! It will be really fun to look back on in a few years. :)

Kevin said...

Now you've got me confused. Just what is a "tutu" ... or an "ahem" anyway. First it was singular, then they were plural. Then it was something everyone has.

Oh, never mind. I probably don't want to know anyway.