Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Christmas present

My parents got all their grandkids a gift that was meant to be opened on Christmas Eve. But then they realized that only 4 of their 7 grandkids would be there then. Monday though, everyone was here, and the last chance before Christmas to get them all together. So they got to open a present real early.

My mom found these little bobble-head stuffed animals, and loved them. Morgan got a giraffe, and Lydia got a cow.
See, Morgan is reading the tag to see who's it is.

We also went caroling on Monday. We usually sing a hymn like Joy to the World or Angels We Have Heard on High and do all the parts. But the little kids are old enough now to participate, so we sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The idea was that the grandkids would sing the echo parts, but that didn't really end up being the case. Oh well, it was fun.

Lydia all bundled up.

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Stephanie said...

my kids woulda liked to carol I think. Oh well. Well how about the song Grenade by the hot little dude Bruno Mars for your song list there?