Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lydia update

We're still working on a good routine for this little girl. There isn't a lot of consistency yet. What we have so far is this. She will stay up until 12:00-1:00 in the morning, (sometimes she'll go to bed at 11:00) then she'll sleep for usually about 5 hours, sometimes more, often less. She wakes up for the day around 9:00-10:00 in the morning. After being awake for an hour, she is ready for a long nap. It can last for 3 hours. But after that, there is nothing I can count on. Sometimes she'll take a decent evening nap, but usually she catnaps throughout the afternoon and evening, not really giving me time to get anything done.

When she's tired, her eyes get all red and she puts her hands on her face. Lydia often will stick out her bottom lip in preparation for a good cry. It is so cute. I tried to get it pictured, but the lip sticks out a lot farther than that.
This little vibrating chair is a life saver. Lydia will be screaming with nothing to make her happy, until I think to put her in the bouncer. Sometimes the calm is immediate.
Everybody that sees her thinks she is adorable. (Who couldn't?) Folks at church fawn over her. I do believe some have even said she's the cutest baby they've ever seen.
Lydia loves getting her diaper changed. She always smiles and coos when I put her on her changing table. She kicks her legs happily through diaper changes. I think she mostly just likes to be naked.
Lydie May will be 3 months old tomorrow. And she's a chunk. She has rubberband wrists, and rolls on her thighs, and I love it! She's starting to outgrow her 0-3 month clothing now too.
We love this happy little girl.


SouthfieldFam said...

She is getting SO big! I love a good chunky baby! She really is the cutest little baby girl and Morgan and his silly camera faces always make me chuckle!

Chanelson said...

She's getting so big and responsive! How cute! It seems like forever since I've seen her when I look at how she was a month or so ago.