Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ison Family Christmas Party

Every year the Ison's have a family Christmas party. The last couple years we've not attended because we lived in Utah. This year I took Morgan and Lydia though.
We arrived late, so missed the Christmas story, but we were in time for the Christmas bells and songs. There was a poster with the colored squares that matched the colors of the bells. Morgan was in charge of the light blue, which had a lot of matching squares. He did excellent. I was surprised at how well he did, (when he was paying attention, anyway.)

Then we sang Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and who do you think showed up? The big red man himself. And he carried a bag stuffed with presents.
Santa took his place, opened his bag, pulled out a present, read the tag, and called, "Morgan!" Morgan was a little tentative as he approached, but that didn't stop him from telling Santa that "I'm Superman, silly!"
Morgan got on his lap and when asked what he wanted for Christmas, instead of saying a Thomas train, or the Cowboy train, (the one from Toystory) he said that he wanted three cars. I was pleasantly surprised.

Morgan came back to sit by me and opened his gift. Guess what it was?!
A Hotwheels pack of THREE CARS. Santa is magic!
A little while later, Lydia was called up.
Lydia met a second cousin or something who is only 5 weeks older than her, but boy are they different in size!

Little Levi kept reaching out and holding her hand. It was adorable.

Here is Lydia with Great Grandma Ison. Grandma Ison's mother was named Lydia.

Then Lydia with Grandma Nelson.



Candice said...

I love Morgan's Superman Identity. He believes it 100%. How could Santa not know that? :)

"a second cousin or something" made me laugh. Yep. Whatever they are they are adorable.

So glad you came.

Smullin Family said...

If I remember correctly, Morgan wanted, "3 cars..1 with flames" and isn't that exactly what he got? Santa IS magic!

Lydia looked adorable in her Santa insprired dress. And it was fun to get the "second cousin or something" babies together for pictures. :)

So glad you were there. Until we meet again....

jwilson said...

Glad to see the pictures and hear about the party. We've never been to one. We're a little envious. Morgan and Lydia are sooooo cute.

Lora Dawn said...

The night of the party, I got such a kick out of the fierce look of concentration on MOrgan's face as he focused on the "music" sheet. You caputured exactly that in your photo. I'm so glad you came. Lydia was adorable in her smashing red outfit.

A.Lee said...

I love Lydie's santa dress! So cute!