Wednesday, December 29, 2010


When people heard about me getting my gallbladder removed, I learned that most females I know don't have that organ anymore, (maybe an exaggeration, maybe not.) And everyone said the same thing. Real quick, easy, recovery.
I suppose that I should have taken that as compared to a normal 4-6 week surgery recovery. I guess I kind of thought I'd be up and at 'em by now. Two days later. I am not.
I think I may be allergic to the pain pills they prescribed. I itch everywhere, all the time. This morning they made me throw up. So I'm done with them for now, and will instead be using just regular ibuprofen and Tylenol. Hopefully this will allow me to open my eyes past half mast.
You should see my bruises now.

Oh, so, the experience of going in for surgery. First of all, a funniness. My surgeon was Dr. Valentine, and my anesthesiologist was Dr. Love. And he's a winker. I think he winked at me three times within one and a half minutes of meeting.
They did a lot of prep, this time the I.V. was administered on the second try. (Yay for more bruises. :( )
They said I might not remember being wheeled in to the OR, but I do. I remember scootching onto a different bed. After that though, I have no memories. Not until waking up, that is.
I woke up to myself moaning pitifully. A lot. Loudly. I think I realized it was me the whole time, but didn't really care. Normally I wouldn't want to do that in public, but I guess I was sedated enough to not care. That's when the Dr. said, "Give her 10 of morphine." He probably said a unit of measurement too. I also heard a nurse say, "Dr. do all your patients wake up?" I moaned off and on. I was eventually able to open my eyes a little at a time. But I didn't want to.
Oh, they kept bugging me about breathing. A monitor I was hooked to had this obnoxious alarm that would beep if I didn't have enough oxygen or something. "Melanie, can you take some deep breaths?" "Go ahead and breathe, Melanie." "Melanie, are you breathing?" Sheesh! Can't a girl rest?!
Oh, and Lydia pretty much cried the entire time I was at the hospital. Sorry, Stephanie! That baby is so finicky about taking a bottle. After starving her all night, I just breast fed her around 7:30 the next morning. So now we were both being drugged.
This is really scattered, because that is how I am right now. Oh so light headed.
Mom had been a wonderful help. Thanks mom! I couldn't do it without you. The children are happy for my mother too, I'm fairly certain.
The breathing tube that was used for the surgery has left me with a hefty sore throat. Soups it is.
I'm so drowsy. I wonder if this post will make sense a few days from now.


Smullin Family said...

I don't remember taking the pain pills perscribed. I know my body doesn't do well witht heavy meds, so I may have taken ibprofen(sp?). Hopefully getting off them will help.

Wishing you rest and recovery. And thank goodness for mommy mommies. :)

Megan said...

Glad the surgery went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Kevin said...

Glad you're home. Glad you're posting. Looks like your New Year's Eve celebration will be a bit subdued.

You're in the best place for recovering right now so enjoy the support. We love you.

A.Lee said...

I hope you feel back to normal really soon!!