Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Burn Out

Last night after putting Morgan in bed Aaron and I watched a movie. (Vitus is what we watched. A foreign film about a piano playing prodigy boy. It was pretty good.) During the movie we kept hearing the pitter patter of Morgans feet as he ran around upstairs. While upstairs to put him in bed again I also noted the space heater in his room was set to 75 degrees or something, so turned it down.
The space heater can heat to increments of five between 60 and 80. It also has a low and high fan that you can just turn on and it will just blow until you turn it off. I generally keep it at 65 or 70.
This morning Morgan came into our bedroom an hour earlier than usual. And he was beet red. He climbed into the bed by me, rasping for water, and he was very warm to the touch as was his empty sippy cup. Oh dear. So I get out of bed and walk down the hall towards Morgans bedroom. The temperature increased as I got closer to his room. Inside his room was like a sauna. I was only in there long enough to turn off the heater, which was just turned on to high, and open the window, but that was way too long. It was soooo hot!
Poor, silly, Morgan must have gotten out of bed long enough to turn the heater on to High before getting back in bed to go to sleep. And what a miserable night that must have been.
It's almost 6:00 now and he's been napping since around 2:30. Poor boy must have been tired.
This week is finally behaving like Spring. Perhaps it's time to remove that toddler operatable space heater from his bedroom.

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