Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh, the irony

If you watched my Easter video you will know that we got Morgan a replacement Lightening McQueen. Er, the Easter Bunny got Morgan a replacement Lightening McQueen. You will also know that he had already lost it. I looked everywhere for it on Monday. Then on Tuesday I looked everywhere again. I thought this time to look under the stove since there is a little space between it and the ground. So, laying flat on my stomach in the middle of the kitchen floor with my face pressed against the ground I peered into the darkness under the oven. And what did I see peering back? The eyes of Lightening McQueen. I had to use a butter knife to retrieve the toy, but retrieve it I did. When the toy came into the light I laughed outloud. It was the OLD one! Two days after buying Morgan a new car the old one shows up. (But the new one is still lost, so at least he has one.) Morgan was very excited to see his car, but after a bit closer examination he declared this one "yucky" because of all the paint chips. But that doesn't stop him from playing with it.

Also, I picked me a swimming suit. Some of my favorites weren't available in my size, and some Aaron helped rule out, so this is what we will go with. I like it because the front tie allows you to adjust how low it is. So there you go.


Deborah Austin said...

Awesome that you wond a suit!! so excited for you. I love Modbe as you know so I think you scored a winner. I hope you like it.

Glad you found one of the cars I'm sure the other one will show up some day:) where is the question right?

Ok so one more question back at you, how do I make the pictures the big size? The funny thing is it wasn't doing this a while ago and then it just started uploading the pictures funny like that and then the text goes on the side, so frustrating I don't know where the change happened. Thanks for your help let me know how to change the pictures to large insted of Medium if you know. Thanks!


Candice said...

Cute! Great suit.

Anonymous said...

So you won a top? What about the bottom? Shouldn't you have a one piece?