Sunday, April 19, 2009


Let us continue our love story. This is taken directly from my journal. Sometimes I might not use the best descriptive words, but please don't take things out of context. You will know what I mean.

April 24, 2004
I know I just wrote yesterday and that I never write two days in a row, but tonight needs an entry! So, we had Aaron and Chanel over for ATV-ing today. We took them to the place by the canal. Aaron was either on the back of me, or I behind him. That was bliss. :) So, an interesting thing happened. Aaron was driving the little yellow ATV, and I was behind him. He decided to take a particularly steep slope up a hill. I have always been afraid of going p steep hills on those deals. But I wasn't going to say anything. We don't want Aaron thinking me chicken now. He was in 2nd gear and we were starting to get slow. So he down shifted. Then he applied gas. That 4 wheeler is only a 2 wheel drive. We were at the very steepest spot on the hill. The ATV flipped backwards. We rolled it! I remember everything so precisely as if they happened in slow motion. I went back landing hard on my back on the slope. Aaron came down on top of me, with the 4 wheeler on top of him. He managed to get it over on it's side before it really crushed us. Aaron was quick to get off of me. He asked if I was all right. I did a lightening speed inventory of my bones and all my parts and answered with a furtive, "yeah". I slowly got up, and then Aaron and I flipped the ATV back over and held it from rolling down the hill.
Soon Chris and Chanel came over and we pushed the machine p the hill and related to the new comers our horror story. We are so blessed that no one was hurt! The ATV even works fine. My back is a little marked up, but other than that, I'm unscathed! Aaron only has a bruised shin. We vowed never to tell Mom or Dad, and that's how it'll stay.
Well, that's not entirely true. We just told them this tale while we were on a big family 4 wheeling camping trip. The day after we confessed, Aaron, Chris and I went on another ride. And I flipped the ATV again. It was terribly stupid on my part, easily avoidable, but I ended up on the ground with the ATV upside down right next to me. We weren't able to keep that secret for nearly as long. :) Anyway, continuing.

We played some more afer that. We came home and played foosball, then Outburst, ate dinner and had a failed fire breathing session. (Fire breathing=awesome. Basically you fill your mouth with powdered sugar and blow it out onto a flame. Powdered sugar is extremely flammable.) Then we went to Aaron's house and watched the movie "Whale Rider." Chanel and Chris took the loveseat, so I sat in a corner of the big couch. Aaron got the movie situated then came to the couch to sit. He sat in the middle. First though, he asked if it were alright. So we sat there with our arms making full contact. I was happy. Once again we had our arms by our sides. Aaron was kind of sitting on his hand, so I wasn't expecting it when he suddenly brought his hand to mind, even turning mine over....!!! Oh, my heart was racing, I wasn't paying much attention to the movie. Brad, (Aaron's roommate) and Chanel both noticed. We were doing the whole thing, with interdigitation. Oh, I miss him. He even did this wonderful caressing of my arm. Gosh, well I'm tired. I really gotta go.


HappyClimate said...

Oh so tender. I am glad you weren't hurt more, did you hear about that political guy (can't remember his name right now) who died in a four wheeling accident, there were 12 other people injured the same day he died, and 5 of them had to be lifeflighted.

Treasa said...

hahahaha! I love the hand holding story with interdigitation and everything. lol