Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Painting

Some of my favorite Easter time memories as a child are from coloring the eggs. I was looking forward to doing it with Morgan for this first time this year.

So I made all the preparations. (Except a covering of newspaper on the table. That turned out to be a big woops.)
The egg coloring kit was supposed to make them look tie-dyed, but they didn't.
I tried multiple times to get a good picture with Morgan and the finished eggs. But...

He put his head down at the last minute.
Or blinked.
Or just looked funny.
Or cringed like he was in pain. So I gave up.
Here's the woops. I now have a nice pink ring of dye soaked into my table. Any way I can get rid of that?

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Chanelson said...

I'm putting this as a comment so I don't forget to ask. How do I add the Shelfari widget?