Sunday, April 12, 2009


Okay, so here is the rest of the journal entry from last Sunday. Just word for word.

On Wednesday he came bowling. Thurs. I though was going to be spent at home but no, Aaron called. This time he did ask me on a date!!!! He actually used the word date. "I was wondering if you would like to go on a date sometime..." was kind of how it went. I told him that I would love to. We set it up for next Friday night. I was so giddy that night. But while I was trying to calm myself enough to read, I received a text message. "Would you like to watch a video with Chanel and I later tonight?" Well, I was pretty sure it was Aaron, but I didn't have his cell #. So I replied, "Probably. Who are you?" We had some fun texting going on, and then Aaron called and we talked logistics. He ended up picking me up. We watched the movie, "The Gods Must Be Crazy." It, apparently, is a Nelson family favorite. We watched it at Aaron's house. Chanel had the love seat, and Aaron and I took the big couch. 3 cushions right? Well, we both kind of sat on the lines between the cushions. We also had our hands at our sides. The hands by the other person that is, you know, so they would be available for the holding. Well, that was my reason anyway. Didn't happen... When he dropped me off he even walked me to the door. He is such a gentleman too. He's always opening doors for me and other girls. Tonight was a ward activity, Stake actually, and he came. I was glad. We did some conversing, cats cradle, and games. Then the cool group went to Denny's for ice cream. It was good. The company was great. I sat next to Aaron. :) When we had finished the food, we went to Joe's car and turned on his hoppin' stereo and just danced, sang, joked, visited and laughed. Sometimes Aaron and I would stand so that our arms were touching. Tomorrow the Nelsons are coming over for 4 wheeling. I'm excited. I will get to share a machine with Aaron. Wrap my arms around his waist, vice versa. Well, tomorrow is going to be major busy, and it is 2:18 A.M. and I have to wake up and work a lot. What I'm trying to say is, goodnight. :)

Boy of boy. I just really want it to be known that it was kind of a little joke to myself to say "hoppin'" as it isn't a word that I use seriously, especially in conjunction with "stereo." And yes. I noticed every time Aaron's arm touched mine as we stood in that circle of friends. And we were wearing jackets and everything. Oh, and when I say dancing, it's not like we held a dance in the parking lot, we just maybe did some very mild head banging in time with the beat. Anyway.
Stay tuned. Next entry will be all about that 4 wheeling.

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HappyClimate said...

I love reading these entries. They remind me of my beginnings with Jason when we were first realizing that we liked each other. Even reading it still brings back that shy twitterpainted feeling (as I like to call it, even though Jason argues with me all the time) isn't it wonderful!